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“Don’t think and act as if you, your family and friends, and the society you live in will never have to face the cemetery. Otherwise, when death comes – as it does to everyone in the world – you will find yourself hopelessly unprepared and so risk sinking into the kind of unfavorable state no one would wish for. Whatever you think, say, or do should be accompanied by some recollection of the cemetery.” ~ Ajahn Mun      

(test post) how to deal with insults

I love this story: “I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One was staying near Rajagaha in the Bamboo Grove, the Squirrels’ Sanctuary. Then the brahman Akkosaka Bharadvaja heard that a brahman of the Bharadvaja clan had gone forth from the home life into homelessness in the presence of the Blessed One. Angered and displeased, he went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, insulted, cursed him with rude, harsh words. When this was said, the Blessed One said to him: “What do you think, brahman: Do friends, colleagues, relatives, kinsmen come to you as guests?” “Yes, Master Gotama, sometimes friends, colleagues, relatives, kinsmen come to me as guests.” “And what do you think: Do you serve them with staple, non-staple foods, and delicacies?” “Yes, sometimes I serve them with staple and non-staple foods and delicacies.” “And if they don’t accept them, to whom do those foods belong?” “If they don’t accept them, Master Gotama, those foods are all mine.” “In the same way, brahman, that with which you have insulted me, who …